What are people saying about Ironwire and their Dogs?
My review is a little different than everyone else in the fact that Adam actually helped us get a GWP from a
GWP rescue. He had the dog brought up from Arizona for use to check him out. We were really suprised on
everything he went through to make sure we understood what we were getting into and what we wanted out of
the GWP. We basically wanted a GWP that was a mild mannered house dog. SO now we have a beautiful 96lb.
GWP named Gunther that has been super amazing. He is a totally lover and very obedient companion. I
couldn't ask anything more from. Also along the way Adam was always checking in to make sure everything was
going good or whether or not we had any questions.

Thanks Adam and I hope you have a happy new year!!

Submitted by: Ben on Dec 25, 2013
Every now and then as a trainer I am asked to recommend a breeder. Sometimes one has to think of something
to say to help recommend the pups but not in this case. When it comes to German Wirehairs I think it should all
be natural, nothing covered up and that is what I have found working with Adam and Amy Cunningham and
Ironwire German Wirehair Pointers. Since the start of our friendship and dog relationship nothing has been
covered up. Adam and Amy’s focus has been natural dogs that hunt birds and that prove that conformation
plays an important role in the function of a good hunting dog. I would recommend that one should go to the
house and meet the dogs. Try to find one that hasn’t been hunted and proven him/herself. When we started
with Fritz Adam flat told me “all I want is a dog that I can hunt, finds birds and listens to me” . Almost four years
later the goal is the same though now I run Fritz in Field Trials and have had multiple placements with him. Fritz
has shown me that he lives and dies finding birds for me every time I run him. The goal for a breeder is to
breed and produce better than your stock. Last summer I watched the first litter of Fritz/Dolly pups exceed this
standard when I had the chance to work with 4 of these pups. I have trained for many of the top breeders over
the last ten years. I have only met a few that tell you to come out to my private hunting grounds and shoot some
birds over my dogs, this is the standard of Adam and Amy’s breeding program. As the years continue I know
that the success of this breeding program will come from one thing, the heart and desire of Adam and Amy and
a love to watch dogs point wild birds and watch them proudly deliver the birds to your hand….enjoy!

Ben Garcia

Submitted by: Tom Shoemaker on Nov 04, 2013
We bought our pup in March of 2013, Halle is now about 10 1/2 months old and has been a true joy for our
family. She is very loving to our young boys and really enjoys our older kids as well. Halle spent a few months
with Ben Garcia this summer and really has opened up her potential as a hunting dog. She has a great nose,
an aggressive point and a HUGE drive for finding birds. We just recently came back from a hunt in south
Dakota where she had several great points and her second retrieve of a rooster. Just last night she also got on
a series of wild birds here in Nebraska and pointed very well. She is a patient hunter in the field and a great
dog in the home. Looking forward to many great years. Adam has done a great job at selecting this pup for us
as well as selecting his breeding line. Can't say enough positives about Ironwire GWP.


Submitted by: Suzanne Oslander on Jul 30, 2013
I received a liver GWP puppy from Adam in February and could not be happier. Boomer is 8 months old
currently getting ready to take his NAVHDA Natural Ability test. He has wonderful drive in the field and a love of
the water. The most important thing for me is his temperament. He works hard in the field but settles down in
the house. I have 3 young grandchildren and he is gentle with them. Adam is very supportive of people who
have his puppies and always available to discuss his experience and give advice. I would recommend Ironwire
German Wirehaired Pointers.

Submitted by: Joe H on Jul 29, 2013
Adam is great. We lived close enough to visit the pups numerous times before we finally took Murphy home.
Adam and his wife were great in letting visit on any day and any time we coul squeeze it in. Murphy is a all liver
pup with a small white patch on his chest. His coloration is perfect and his beard is already huge at 7 months!
He is currently training at hideaway kennels with Ben Garcia who is excellent as well. He was pointing birds on
the first day of training and continues to excell which I attribut to the excellent blood lines Adam requires for his
pups. Murph is great with te family as well. We have two kids, ages 2.5 and 2 months and Murph is a gentle
family dog when in the house. I would not hesitate to buy another pup from Ironwire!

Submitted by: Mike Wallisch on Jul 02, 2013
We purchased a puppy from Ironwire this spring. She has been retrieving since the first day we brought her
home and has pointed several grouse while out on trail runs in NW Colo. Looking forward to seeing how she
develops this fall during hunting season. She is very energetic and usually has her nose to the ground.

Submitted by: Cristina on May 06, 2013
We got our beautiful solid liver baby in March, and at the tender age of three months we got to see her very
very birdy drive. She loves birds! At this point she doesn't care what type, but I know by fall she will be a lean
mean hunting machine. Adam is great. He is extremely knowledgeable and you can see is passion for his dogs.
Highly recommend his dogs. Not just for hunting but as wonderful well tempered family members! Thanks again,

Submitted by: Monica B on Oct 31, 2012
Our pup is simply amazing. Easily the most even tempered young dog we have ever owned ..... until he is down
to business looking for birds. He is running Puppy and will be for a while as he is still young ..... but he is off to a
great start, doing well in Field Trials this fall and even placing. Our young daughter showers love on him and he
just basks in the attention. He also gets along extremely well with our 8 year old lab. Just a great addition to the
family. Ironwire invests a lot of energy in breeding the right dogs to get the best result and then spends the time
to get them socialized to meet the wide world.

Submitted by: Amanda S . on Oct 27, 2012
We are not hunting people and were looking for a great dog to join our family of five including 3 young children
aged between 2 and 8 years old. We charged Adam with selecting the best pup for us from the litter of 5
knowing that selecting a suitable dog for our family setting was very important to us. Our female puppy is now 5
months old and we could not be happier. Adam was always available to answer questions and accommodate
our visits, which was important as we had to travel 100 miles each time to visit the litter and get acquainted with
the puppies.
We would strongly recommend Ironwire to anyone wanting to own a German wire-haired pointer.

Submitted by: David Smith on Oct 23, 2012
I had researched the Breed of German Wirehaired Pointers for 2 years before i found Adam. My wife and i were
looking for a new pup not only to hunt but to be a family dog as well. I called Adam and that was it! The
experience was nothing but awesome! Adam and Amy were awesome. They made us feel like we were family
and answered all are questions and still do. We have 2 Daughters 1 that's 5 and the other 7 and they instantly
fell in love with our "Lady". She has been an awesome dog! Having a Golden Retriever that's coming up on
retirement, Lady has somehow made him young again. She has awesome Hunting instincts and retrieves to
hand without command. I've only had her on Frozen Birds and can't wait to get her on live Birds. Lady can run
all day and still has energy to play with my daughters until they say " Daddy i'am tired ". I told Adam what i was
looking for and he made the match and it's been great. My Family and i will definately be purchasing another
Ironwire pup. If you want a Breeder who cares about the Breed and is willing to help in whatever way they can,
Ironwire is the place to go.

Submitted by: Bridger P on Oct 18, 2012
When compared to other breeders, Adam sets himself apart because of his approach to matching dogs with
prospective owners. He understands that matching a pup with a good home is the key to ensuring that the dog
and owner are as satisfied as possible. His commitment to not only prospective owners but perhaps most
importantly, the dog, is supremely evident.

Furthermore, his understanding and genuine appreciation of the GWP breed contributes immensely to his
dedicated breed stock objectives. Simply said, Adam won't pursue a litter if he is not certain that the best
possible traits will be exposed in the litter. This said, I've hunted behind several of his dogs, all of which are very
impressive on wild birds.

Beyond his commitment to developing the best GWP hunting line(s), and perhaps most important, lies a certain
love for the breed. Proof of this love is evident in the selfless dedication to the animals he and his wife, Amy,
foster through the GWP Rescue of Colorado.

Also, it's worth mentioning that Adam and his wife Amy are genuinely good people which is clearly
demonstrated by that fact that all of his customers are friends!

Submitted by: Dr. Mark H. Gander on Oct 12, 2012
I've had experience with 3 different GWPs over the course of 17 straight years. They are outstanding hunters
whether for quail, dove, pheasant, duck or goose. If you are looking for a dog that will break ice to retrieve
waterfowl or run all day in a field without tiring, then a German Wirehair is an excellent choice. They love the
family environment and thrive with positive attention from their owners. My wife and I were looking for a
reputable breeder and found Adam and Amy Cunningham in Parker, Colorado. They matched a GWP pup they
thought would fulfill my needs and desires and it was a match made in heaven for us. The Cunnighams
carefully choose their breeding stock as to afford the best combination of Wirehair lineage. They have been
extremely helpful with any information we would ask of them and we couldn't be more pleased with our choice of

Dr. Mark H. Gander

Submitted by: Tyler Hice on Oct 11, 2012
We brought Zeke home in July, and absolutely love this dog! He's got a great personality and plenty of energy.
He's definitely a natural born hunter, as I put him on some live birds a couple of weeks about hunting
instinct! If you're looking for a dog that not only hunts, but makes a great family dog, Ironwire is the place to go.
Adam has done an excellent job with his dogs! Adam has been great in getting us information on training and
the breed in general. We will definitely be getting another dog from Ironwire.

Submitted by: Andrew Voos on Feb 07, 2012
So I will start off by saying that I had been looking for the perfect dog for quite some time. A mutual friend, Ben
Garcia Owner Hideaway
Kennels, introduced Adam Cunningham and I when he found out that Adam was going to have an upcoming
litter of GWP pups. Ben knew that I was looking for this particular dog and promised me that this would be THE
litter to get one from! After talking with Adam about Ironwire and meeting Fritz and Dolly I agreed with Ben that
this was what I was looking for in a puppy. When the pups came there was only one male dropped and with
Adam knowing I was looking for a male he gave me the first pick at it, and I didn’t hesitate at the chance. After
having my male, Hitch, for over a year now I cannot be happier! He is all that I was looking for in this breed; very
driven, but still in control, loves the field and the water, has a nose on him that rivals many older dogs that I
have hunted with, and very trainable. After this being the first full season of hunting with Hitch I can support
Ironwire Kennels and my decision to get a GWP from Adam. Hitch is not only great in the field, but very well
behaved around the house also, the companionship of this breed is unbelievable. The strong willed versatile
GWP has been perfected through the breeding at Ironwire Kennels! Great dogs with huge hearts and I would
recommend them to anyone looking for a very solid dog!
-Andrew Voos, Greeley, CO

Submitted by: Henry Bird on Feb 05, 2012
I have had the opportunity to hunt behind a number of Adam's dogs as well as having friends who own pups
from Ironwire. I would be hard put to say if I was more impressed by the dogs personalities and social behavior
with people/other dogs ... or how well they hunted. I am on the list for a pup out of Riot (amazing style and runs
all day ... on top of being just a beautiful lady). Can't wait!

Submitted by: Jeffrey Shifflett on Jan 08, 2012
BEST DOG EVER! I brought Ella home in October 2010. Adam was extremely accommodating in helping us fly
Ella home to norther california. Adam met us at the airport and Ella flew home as a carryon, sound asleep
under the seat. She was a great puppy and very easy to handle. Ella never chewed anything and was
comfortable in any new situation. It is only her first season in the duck blind and she is catching on quick. She
loves to be out there and has an extremely strong hunting drive. Now we are just building her confidence in
chasing down those giant crip greenheads. Her first day out we had 25mph wind and Ella retrieved 4 out of the
7 mallards by 9:00am. The season has been slow due to no weather but she is developing great blind manners
and gets better and better each day. No Questions Asked i would do it all over and will definitely be going back
to Adam for a second gundog.

Thanks for everything Adam
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