Meet the IronwireGWP Pack
Fritz - CH Idawire Field of Dreams MH

Sire: BIS/BISS/DC/AFC Jetset's Ragtop Day at Scotia CD
Dam: Ch Idawire Zip a Dee Do Dah

Fritz is one of those dogs that excels at anything you ask him to do.  He finished
his show title in no time at all and won Winners Dog at the 2008 German
Wirehired Pointer National show.  He has placed 2nd in the Sporting Group as
well.  Fritz is also a dedicated and talented hunting dog. We hunt every
weekend when birds are in season and train and participate in NAVHDA and
AKC hunt Tests throughout the year.  He has earned a NAVHDA NA and and
AKC Master Hunter as well as placed in AKC Field Trials.  Fritz has a very
stylish point and impresses me every time we are out in the field.  
Dixie - Ironwire Barn Owls

Dam: Ch Piemonte Idawire Quiet Riot

Dixie is an excellent hunting dog and should be an outstanding AKC Field Trial
Dog.  She has the desire and drive that is needed in the field to win.  She loves
the water and is a natural retriever.  Dixie has a sweet temperament and wants
to please.  She is calm in the house and full of energy when out in the field.  Her
pedigree is full of some of the top GWP's and she is living up to their legacies.  
Here is more on her pedigree and why we are so excited about her future:
Dixie - A Pedigree of Promise

The GWPCA (German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America) has a Record Of Merit

In order to be nominated for the RECORD OF MERIT (ROM) all dogs or bitches must be
registered with AKC, and only AKC titles are recognized. Their offspring must
demonstrate all of the versatility of the breed by acquiring titles from both field and
bench. Points will be awarded for the various titles reflecting the degree of difficulty in
attaining each title. In order to qualify for ROM status, the dog or bitch must meet one of
two point matrices. OFA Hip Certification is required for ALL dogs or bitches whelped
after January 1, 1995, including the nominee. In order to qualify for a Supreme Record
Of Merit, in addition to meeting the ROM requirements, they also have to have
produced a Dual Champion.

There are currently 9 dogs who have qualified as Supreme ROM Sires. Dixie has 8 of
those dogs in her pedigree. DC/AFC/NFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH, DC/AFC Dunkee's
Justa Top Flite MH, DC Cascade Rogue MH, DC/AFC Cascade Ike MH, DC/AFC
Dunkee's Justa Hole n One MH,CD, UT  and Ch Sure Shot's Rockland Boss through her
Sire Louie. DC/AFC Lutz Zur Cadenberg CD,TD  and DC/AFC/NFC Rudolph's Blitzen
Von Duffin   through her Dam Riot.
Retired Dogs
Dolly - CH Cynister Idawire Childs Play

Dam: Ch Cynister Idawire Rose Quartz
Sire: Ch Cynister's in the Center Ring

Dolly is a very sweet wirehair with nice conformation and temperament.
She easily finished her Show Champion in the Spring of 2010 with limited
showing. Dolly has some remarkable qualities to add to our breeding
program including a great coat, disposition, and a passion for hunting.
Dolly has a great nose and hunts hard all day but is very mellow and
content in the house. We could not ask for a better all around dog.  Dolly
now lives in Ogalala, NE and enjoys time hunting for her new family,
especially the new young hunters!
Ali - CH Ironwire AC-DC

Sire: CH Idawire Field of Dreams MH
Dam: Ch Cynister Idawire Childs Play

Ali exemplifies what a female GWP should be in looks, hunting ability, and
temperament.  Ali is a special dog with correct temperament, coat, and confirmation in a
small package.  Ali easily finished her Bench Champion and has been to bird dog
school and is showing promise in AKC Field Trials.  She is an outstanding hunting dog
with a great nose.  Most of Ali is a true companion and just loves being around
everyone.  Ali passes many of these traits on to her puppies!
CH Piemonte Idawire Quiet Riot

Sire:  Ch Piemonte Oliver V Chisola
Dam:  Ch Piemonte Idawire Anabel V Chisola

Riot is a super hunting dog!  She has a stylish point, loves the water, runs hard and loves
birds.  She has beautiful conformation, a sweet temperament, and a correct, wirey coat.
She is currently training for field trial "gun dog" competition.

Co-owned by
Rider - CH Ironwire Grateful Dead

Sire: CH Idawire King Ralph
Dam: C
H Ironwire AC-DC

Rider is a great representation of the breed.  Her confirmation and coat are
ideal and she has the normal goofy GWP personality.  Rider is a dynamo in the
field finding many birds and holding for us to get in gun range.  We are working
on her whoa training currently and we look forward to running her in AKC Hunt
Tests and Field Trials.