Upcoming Litters
Breeding Program

Our breeding program follows strict standards. All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club
(AKC). We spend more time developing our puppies because we only raise one to two litter per year.
We evaluate the health, genetics, and lineage of the sire and dam. All dogs must be confirmationaly
correct according to the AKC and German Wirehaired Club of America Standards. All sires and dams
must be born to at least one accomplished dog and we prefer to have Dual Champions (DC) in their
pedigree. I don't just rely on my opinion when I am choosing dogs to breed but consult with other GWP
breeders to get their opinion on the breeding to insure that I am truly bettering the breed and not just
putting puppies on the ground. In addition to our focus on breeding the best hunting dogs, we also strive
to breed dogs that have excellent manners with people — especially children — and they must behave
appropriately in new situations. Our goal is to produce friendly and biddable bird dogs.
Hello, My Name Is...

Many dog breeders name their
puppies sequentially, based on
litter identification: Groups of
puppies may be organized as
Litter A, Litter B, and so on. When
this is done, the names of all the
puppies in litter A start with the
letter "A," then "B" for litter B and
so on.
Other breeders use themes. For
example, a more imaginative
breeder at the Gold Mine Kennels
might name all the puppies of one
litter after green precious stones.
Names for a subsequent litter
might start with the adjectives
describing precious stones.
Breeders may be as creative or
as mundane as they wish.
Only after an animal has achieved
a legitimate championship will
some registries permit the use of
the prefix Ch. or other title before
or after their registered name.
Some registries may use symbols
to designate the status of certain
individuals. An asterisk * may be
used to designate an animal born
in another country and imported.
A plus + may be used to
designate a champion or an
animal under special registration

Rock On

Ironwire Naming Conventions
We have chosen to name puppies
after Band Names, so an example
of our "A" litter dogs might be
named Ironwire AC/DC or Ironwire
Alice Cooper.
Meet & Greet

Socialize Your Puppy
Because the GWP standard calls
for aloof temperaments, it is
important to introduce your GWP
puppy to as many different
situations and people while he is
still a young puppy, and continue
to socialize him semi-regularly as
an adult. By socializing your
puppy, he will gain confidence in
himself, and you. And, he will
learn that just because
something is different, it doesn't
have to be bad. A well-socialized
GWP will be confident in new
situations and will be friendly
towards strangers.
Started Dogs

A great way to get a great dog!
From time to time we have older
dogs looking for a new home.  
These dogs usually are house
trained and have some hunting

Click Here to See Any Started
Dogs Available.
Past Litters
National GWP Rescue, Inc.

If you are not sure a puppy is right for you please check out the National GWP Rescue, Inc.  Even if there is not a dog in your area
transportation can be worked out to get you the dog of your dreams.  Ironwire has worked with the breed rescue for years and has
successfully placed many dogs from 6 months old to 7 years old.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Spring 2017
Rider        x        Sioux
Both of these dogs have great temperaments and are fantastic hunting dogs with lots of style and natural
drive.  We are excited for the puppies they will produce.  We have done a similar breeding with siblings of both
of these dogs and the puppies have really impressed us.  Both dogs have points towards field titles as well as
both easily finished their confirmation titles and are Champions.  We are expecting puppies to be ready to go
home late spring or early summer.  

I have 8 people on the waiting list for this litter.  We expect puppies mid-May and if there are more than 8 they
will be available.