CH Idawire J Edgar x CH Ironwire AC-DC

Hoover LOVES the water, and is a natural retriever.  He is a hard charger in the field and is proving
himelf to be an excellent bird finder. Hoover has the sweetest disposition, he is so easy going and
eager to please! He has a short, low-maintenance coat, and went Winners Dog at his first dog
show--the Twin Cities GWP Specialty.  Shown only 3 times, Hoover finished his show championship at
the GWP club of E. Nebraska Specialty with a 5-point major!  Hoover won the 2013 National Derby at
the GWPCA National field trial.

This litter was born January 2013 and there were 5 puppies.
Ironwire Fuel - Ember

Ember lives in the Denver, CO area.  Ember spent a summer at Bird Dog School and the
work is paying off in her 1st wild bird season.  When Ember is not in the field she loves
playing with the families young children.
Ironwire Frank Zappa - Frank

Frank lives with his family in the mountains of Colorado.  He has a great life and gets to
hunt and float the river as his family fishes.  He is a natural in the water as well as in the
Ironwire Foreigner - Halle

Halle lives with her family in McCook, NE.  She spent a summer at Bird Dog School (with
Ember as her kennel mate) and is having a stellar 1st season!  She has a very stylish
point and loves to find birds.  Keep an eye out for her in the future as her owner is
interested in breeding her.