Fritz was Best of winners at the 2008 GWPCA National specialty, and is currently training for his Master Hunter test.
In addition to his great looks, he has been an outstanding hunting dog, and has a confident, easy-going

Dolly has nice conformation, and finished her show championship easily, with very limited showing. She is a
close-working, methodical hunter and has a calm, laid-back temperament.

This breeding is a line breeding on Cruiser--BIS/BISS/DC/AFC Jetset's Ragtop Day at Scotia. The combination of
these two dogs will create some good looking show dogs that have excellent hunting abilities in the field.

This litter was born August 2010 and there were 7 puppies.
Ironwire AC-DC - Ali

Ali is a special dog with correct temperament, coat, and confirmation in a small package.  
Ali easily finished her Bench Champion and has been to bird dog school and is showing
promise in AKC Field Trials.  She is an outstanding hunting dog with a great nose.  Most
of Ali is a true companion and just loves being around everyone.
Ironwire Allman Brothers - Hitch

Hitch lives in Greely, CO with Andrew Voos.  Hitch is Andrew's best friend and when not in
the field chasing birds they can be found on a stream fly fishing.  Hitch is a natural hunting
and has earned ribbons in AKC Field Trials.  
Ironwire Aquire the Fire - Fire

Fire is owned by Lacy Magoon of Norco, CA - Fire has excelled in AKC Field Trials and
has been earning ribbons in broke dog stakes.  Fire has a beautiful gate and covers a lot
of ground to go with a great nose, she finds lots of birds!  Fire is well behaved when not in
the field and loves to travel.
Ironwire America - Jill

Jill has an exciting life living with a family in Parker, CO.  She had some initial problems
with the chickens at fist but learned to live in harmony with them.  Jill is an outstanding
hunting dog who has a great nose and is honest on your birds.  
Ironwire Aerosmith - Camo

Camo lives on the north side of Denver, CO and her owner is originally from North Dakota
where they go hunting a lot.  Camo has quickly become everyone's favorite hunting dog
as she finds more birds than any other dog.  She has learned to hold her birds and then
relocate on running pheasants.  Camo also loves her family and especially likes snuggling
with the kids.
Ironwire Alabama - Ella

Ella lives in Napa, CA with Jeffrey Shifflet.  Ella gets to go to work at the winery with Jeff
everyday and she loves it when they get to go either duck or pheasant hunt!  She is
Jeffrey's best friend and a great family dog.  
Ironwire Idawire Abba - Abba

Abba was a great show dog for Idawire and easily finished her show title in one weekend.  
She now lives in Evergreen with a great family that loves to take her on hikes and bike
rides.  She is a loving family member and happy to snuggle on the couch.